Sustainability Statement



Barnet was founded in 1898 with sustainability as the basis in which business would be conducted. Sustainability is defined by Barnet as reducing the amount of mass that enters our landfills, keeping our air and water clean, and reducing our dependence upon fossil fuels. Barnet's business focuses on sustainability by taking waste by-products from the fiber, yarn, and polymer industries and redefining their usability. These sustainable solutions are carried out by either changing the actual physical form of the by-product by mechanical means, or by melting the material and forming it into another product. These newly recycled products are then used either in the markets in which they were intended as a recycled raw material, or are used as an entirely new product in another market. Barnet utilizes both post-consumer and post-industrial waste by-products as raw materials in its sustainability and recycling effort.

While Barnet's core business is recycling, our operations also are stewards of the environment in which they operate. Barnet Polymers, our polymer recycling facility, was awarded the Excellence in Corporate Responsibility by the South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance in 2012. This award reflects a manufacturing company's efforts of sustainability by going beyond what is expected.

Barnet will continue to strive towards higher levels of sustainability by monitoring, measuring, and improving our standards in which we operate. Sustainability is not a marketing tool which Barnet has implemented, it is our business and has been for over 100 years.