Barnet's USA sales are headquartered in the corporate offices in Spartanburg, South Carolina. In addition to the corporate and sales offices, this location also is home to the Spartanburg Plant and multiple warehouses. Nearby in Duncan, is the Barnet Polymers plant.

Barnet USA manages the sales into the domestic market, plus Canada and also coordinates export sales of products sourced locally through our own offices in Europe, Asia and Latin America, plus a host of agents worldwide. These products include various types of synthetic fibers, filament yarns and polymers and their by-products. Our sales associates are calling on markets that manufactur yarns, wovens, knits, ropes, cords, webbings, all types of non-wovens, geotextiles, flocking fabrics, carpeting/rugs, fiber additives for concrete/asphalt/paper reinforcement as well as polymer compounders.

In addition to trading, Barnet is supplied by three manufacturing locations in the USA. The Kinston Plant utilizes a sophisticated draw/crimp/cut process to produce synthetic staple fibers, as well as specialty short cut fibers and flocking tow. Kinston also provides contract services of various textile processes such as winding and cutting. Kinston is ISO certified. The plant in Spartanburg, SC provides a variety of contract processes and services for Barnet customers. The newest plant is Barnet Polymers located in Duncan, SC. The Polymers plant is dedicated to the densification and melt filtration of synthetic waste materials in pellets that can go into fiber/filament extrusion or compounding for injection molding.